1. Massage Oil  and Candle
  2. Couple Massage
  3. Female relaxation
  4. Couple getting massages
  5. Woman Head Massage
  6. Foot massage or Reflexology
  7. Title 7
  8. Title 8
  9. Title 9
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I'm ​​​​Orson Abbott
a Licensed, and Registered
Massage Therapist

Spa, Corporate, and Mobile Massage
in Calgary and surrounding area

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We welcome your family, friends, co-workers, neighbors…

It means a lot to us when you trust us enough to send us the people you know and care about. 
To show our gratitude, we are offering you three referral discount options on our massages to enjoy for an entire month!

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Once your friend has had a massage with us, and you'd like to schedule a time for referral massages, this is the place for you.  We will contact you when you qualify provided we have your contact information.

Choose either $10.00 off 60 minutes
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