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I'm ​​​​Orson Abbott
a Licensed, and Registered
Massage Therapist

Spa, Corporate, and Mobile Massage
in Calgary and surrounding area

Citadel Massage
Marda Loop Massage
Mobile Massage
Corporate Massage
Marda Loop (By Appointment Only)
2022 34 Ave SW, Calgary, AB  MAP

Types of Therapeutic Massage Offered


Excellent for releasing tension, stress, increasing blood and lymph flow and calm the nervous system, and speeds recovery. Revitalize fatigued musculature and effectively relieve muscle pain, stress and tension.
30-minutes $60 / 45-minutes $70 / 60-minutes $80
90-minutes $120 / 120-minutes $160
Head, Neck, Back, Shoulder

Recent injuries or chronic pain, your therapist will use a variety of techniques that will help release these common areas of pain and stress accumulation
30-minutes $60 / 45-minutes $80 / 60-minutes $90 / 90-minutes $135​
Deep Tissue

Work further into the layers of muscle fiber. Assist with increase range of motion.
30-minutes $60 / 45-minutes $80 / 60-minutes $90 / 90-minutes $135 / 120-minutes $180


Feel a peaceful serenity come over you as your feet are stimulated while pressure is applied to reflex points on areas of the feet thus optimizing overall health and well being.
30-minutes $60 / 45-minutes $80 / 60-minutes $90

Schedule a SW Calgary Massage (Marda Loop)
Appointments are by Request at the Marda Loop location.

To request an appointment, enter dates and times using the  Request Marda Loop Appointment form or  get in touch.