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I'm ​​​​Orson Abbott
a Licensed, and Registered
Massage Therapist

Spa, Corporate, and Mobile Massage
in Calgary and surrounding area

Citadel Massage
Marda Loop Massage
Mobile Massage
Corporate Massage

Corporate Chair or Table Massage

Support the wellness of your staff

With Calgary corporate massage services. Work is rewarding, but the stress and long hours of sitting are demanding on the mind and body. Many companies are now offering their employees in Calgary massage therapy services to improve wellbeing, reduce stress, and increase morale.
At Abbott Group, we can supply skilled massage therapists for a group event with multiple massage tables or massage chairs. 
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Corporate Chair Massage

We provide corporate massages in chairs for your employees. Your employees can simply sit and relax in the massage chair that is designed for back, neck, shoulder, and head massage. The chair can be set up anywhere to allow for privacy and calming music within the office.

Corporate Table Massage

Corporate table massage is the most thorough massage option. Employees are massaged in private and receive the full spa experience right in the office. With corporate table massages, your employees can experience traditional therapeutic massage, deep tissue massage, and more

The Benefits of Calgary Corporate Massage

  • Increased productivity: Massage helps increase employee focus and productivity
  • Reduce absenteeism: Employees who receive massage are less likely to call in sick
  • Accessible wellness: Employees are more likely to use wellness programs that are accessible
Event or Party Massage

Do you want to make an impression at your next event or party? I can bring a massage table or chair to your event anywhere in Calgary!
The prices below are for a single chair or table massage, and are priced per therapist. 
If you are looking for more than one therapist, please get in touch to discuss your request.
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1 Hour - $110

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2 Hours - $220

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if dates or times needed are not available and we will do our best to accomodate.

* All Prices include GST, and for single event or party only