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I'm ​​​​Orson Abbott
a Licensed, and Registered
Massage Therapist

Spa, Corporate, and Mobile Massage
in Calgary and surrounding area

Citadel Massage
Marda Loop Massage
Mobile Massage
Corporate Massage


      Hi. I'm Orson Abbott.

 Licensed, Certified, and Registered Massage Therapist and            Reflexologist working in Calgary, Alberta and area.

Whether you're looking for relaxation or working through an injury, or muscle soreness, I'd love to help you out. I focus on pain and stress relief. You can enjoy a relaxing environment with me at my primary and secondary locations or mobile massage in the comfort of your own home or office.

What I enjoy most about being a therapist is having the privilege to help people every day. There are not many fields you can work in where most people are not only happy to see you but look forward to seeing you again!

What types of massage do you do?

I cater to a wide variety of clientele services in diverse situations. I specialize in:
Headache Relief
Trigger Point
Deep Tissue
Seated European

Where can I get my massage?
Come see me at either of my locations for an amazing massage therapy experience.
I also offer mobile, and corporate  services which means I can meet you at an athletic facility, office, Elder or Extended Care facilities, or at your home. You'll get your massage wherever it's most convenient for you!
     A Bit About Me


Massage services to Calgary and surrounding area since 2004.


Knowledge of nutrition, physiology and fitness combined with a wide range of experience and with a broad spectrum of clients from elite athletes to palliative (end of life) care, prenatal massage to hospice care.

Proud to be a:

Licensed, Certified, and Registered Massage Therapist and Reflexologist
NHPC (National Health Practitioners of Canada) Member

Serving the community:
Elected to the Board of Directors for the Alberta Association of Therapeutic Masseurs. After serving on the board for four years I resigned to allow more time for my growing family of three children. After a one year break, I was called back to service and once again voted in as an Executive Director of the AATM. I served again for another year.
During my time as a director I also served on the Transitional Steering Committee for the Regulation of Massage along with representatives from the other massage associations registered in Alberta.
Responsibilities included meeting with municipal and provincial government representatives on issues regarding regulation of the industry.


Occassionally, I work in film and commercials. 

     Below are some examples: